Ways to Reduce Air Pollution

Ways to reduce air pollution are numerous. Air quality is a human right that’s often over looked, and shouldn’t be. In addition to the ways discussed in the article, there are several other techniques for improving air quality: using low VOC finishes and products, avoiding perfumed cleaning materials, and using vegetation around your home and office to help filter the air are three more suggestions we have for ways to reduce air pollution and improve air quality.

While few will question the danger of air pollution to our health, many people believe that the problem is so great that they can’t make a difference. However, there are ways to reduce air pollution that may seem small but when combined with the efforts of others, even the smallest of change can make a tremendous difference. Ways to reduce air pollution include improving various driving issues, wood burning bans, and energy efficiency. Most households in America have at least one car and despite high gas prices, people are driving more today than ever. Try these driving tips to do your part in reducing air pollution.

Drive Less Often

One of the easiest ways to reduce air pollution is to drive less. If you drive to work each day, research whether public transportation, carpooling with friends, or formal rideshare opportunities are available to you. Better yet, if you live close enough to work, consider walking or riding your bike. If your job permits, some employers are even open to telecommuting because of the increased productivity reported by telecommuters.

Change Your Driving Habits

When you do drive, a few simple changes to your driving habits can reduce air pollution. It’s important to drive at a steady speed and avoiding constant acceleration and breaking. When you do stop and start, do so evenly by gently accelerating at a green light and coasting to a stop at a red light. Many state highways have increased highway speed limits to 75 mph. While higher speed limits are a nice time saver, cars tend to operate more efficiently and pollute less at more moderate speeds.

Car Maintenance

In addition to increasing the life of your car, maintaining your car can help reduce air pollution.

  • Regular engine tune-ups improve your gas mileage and car performance. This maintenance includes keeping filters and catalytic converters clean.
  • When your fill your car’s gas tank, don’t overfill the tank because harmful fumes can escape and risk your health and pollute the air. Plus, it’s best to fill up in the mornings and evenings because the colder the temperature, the more gasoline you’ll get for your money.
  • A simple and often overlooked maintenance tip is to ensure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. This will improve your car’s performance by preventing drag and increasing your gas mileage.

Choose Wisely

While air conditioning can be a real life saver, choose when to use your air conditioner carefully because your cool ride can reduce your gas mileage up to 20 percent. When buying a car, research a fuel-efficient or reduced emission vehicle, and choose the “cleanest” car that will meet your needs. By planning ahead and organizing your errands, you will drive fewer miles and reduce air pollution. Why not do a couple of errands one your way home on the days you drive to work?

These driving tips are not hard to do and are great ways to reduce air pollution. You may be surprised at how easy it is to do your part in reducing air pollution, especially when your efforts are combined with those of others. Air pollution is ultimately everyone’s problem and by working together, we can help improve the quality of the air we breathe.

If you rely on wood burning to heat your home or create ambiance, be careful about when you burn wood. If air pollution is a problem in your area, there are probably wood burning bans on certain days; pay attention to those alerts. Also make sure you have a more modern system with catalytic converters that help remove as much pollution from the wood smoke as possible.

Being conscious of energy efficiency is another way to reduce air pollution. Electric generation plants, be they coal, natural gas, or other petroleum product, pollute the air. By reducing your energy consumption, you help reduce air pollution.

There are lots of ways to reduce air pollution. You can probably think of ways we haven’t discussed in this article. Do what you can, and urge others to do the same. Let’s improve the air quality for everyone.

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