Ways to Prevent Air Pollution

There are numerous ways to prevent air pollution. Changing your habits and living patterns is one way, and that doesn’t have to mean a negative impact on your lifestyle, as so many people think. Conserve energy, recycle and shop more wisely all contribute to improved air quality and are great ways to prevent air pollution.

While there’s no doubt that air pollution can be caused by natural causes, such as dust storms and smoke from forest fires, most air pollution is caused by humans. If you’re concerned about the quality of the air you breathe and are searching for ways to prevent air pollution, you may be surprised to learn that even making small changes in your lifestyle can help.

Statistically, about half of the air pollution we breathe each day comes from automobile emissions. This means that by driving a little less and driving smarter, you can help prevent air pollution. But power plants also produce huge amounts of pollution, so being energy conserving at home and at the office will also help reduce air pollution, thus improving air quality.

  • Drive Less:
    Look for ways to reduce the amount you drive during the week and on the weekend. If you drive to work, consider carpooling either with a friend or a carpooling service, or telecommuting even if you don’t do it every day. If you live close to work, you can prevent air pollution and get your exercise by walking or bicycling. Mass transit is a great alternative in many locations. By combining errands and doing them on the way home from work, you save time and money.
  • Drive Smarter:
    Changing the way you drive can also prevent air pollution. Gradual acceleration and the use of cruise control saves gas and will reduce the emissions from your car. Simple car maintenance tips are other good ways to prevent air pollution. These include keeping your car tuned up, not overfilling your gas tank, keeping your tires properly inflated, and periodically changing your air filter.
  • Changing your driving habits isn’t the only way to help prevent air pollution. Other ideas include saving energy, making smarter purchases, recycling, and creating less trash.

  • Saving Energy:
    Remember that when fossil fuels such as gas, electricity, and natural gas are burned, the air we breathe is being polluted. Saving energy can be as simple as turning the lights off when you leave a room or using a microwave or toaster oven instead of your oven to heat small meals. Other ways include lowering the heat in your house when you’re not home, closing window coverings to keep the inside temperature “normal”, adding insulation to your home, and checking with your utility company for other energy-saving tips.
  • Making Smarter Purchases:
    When purchasing equipment, look for equipment that is energy efficient and that outputs lower emissions. And when you purchase products for use in your home, select low VOC water-based paints, roll or brush your paint instead of using a sprayer, use a push lawn mower, avoid using aerosol cans, and store your solvents in air-tight containers.
  • Recycle:
    By recycling paper, glass, plastics, and metals, your are providing materials for creating new products that use less energy to process them into new products. Plus, look for recycled products with recyclable packaging as a way of encouraging manufacturers to use recycled materials in the manufacturing of the products. Recycling reduces what goes into landfills too.
  • Creating Less Trash:
    Think about ways to reuse products or ways to reduce your trash. For example, instead of packing your lunch in plastic baggies and a brown paper bag, use reusable containers and a reusable lunch bag. Or when you go grocery shopping, bring reusable bags to pack your groceries in. Buying groceries in bulk also is also a great way to decrease the amount of trash you accumulate.
  • These simple ways to prevent air pollution are a win-win our environment and for you. Not only will the air we breathe be cleaner and healthier, each of these tips will save money.

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