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The Air Problem In the United States

In the U.S. we talk a lot about our air pollution problems. We act as if our air supply is infinitely available. But some areas have bigger pollution problems than others — less available air, in some ways. And different pollutants abound in different areas. My recent trip to China highlighted just what air quality […]

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China Air Pollution

China air pollution is a topic of concern for everyone in the world. Because of its large population base, if it industrializes too fast, without putting proper pollution controls in place, the planet’s air quality could be damaged beyond our comprehension. The Chinese government needs to understand and act quickly to prevent the present levels […]

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Air and Water Pollution Article

Two basic elements of life are clean air and water. But pollution is endangering the basic elements, making air and water pollution two worldwide problems that endanger people’s lives. There are things we can do to improve our air quality so we can breathe better and improve our water quality so we can drink clean […]

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