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Bangkok And Air Pollution

Bangkok and air pollution aren’t quite an oxymoron yet, but efforts are being made to make it so. Bangkok went from being a highly polluted city with terrible air pollution problems to a city with mostly good air quality. They are still working on the air around the elevated trains, and if their success with […]

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China Air Pollution

China air pollution is a topic of concern for everyone in the world. Because of its large population base, if it industrializes too fast, without putting proper pollution controls in place, the planet’s air quality could be damaged beyond our comprehension. The Chinese government needs to understand and act quickly to prevent the present levels […]

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Air Pollution Information

The internet is your best source for the latest in air pollution information. We have provided three suggestions for where you can conduct some solid research, but there are lots more. We’ll keep providing great sites as we are satisfied with their quality. Whether your research is on improving air quality, air pollution monitoring, or […]

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