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Amount of Air Pollution in a Car

The amount of pollution in your car impacts your health in a variety of ways. The allergens that collect can aggravate your allergies or asthma. The plastics and fire-retardants off-gas, contributing to you allergies as well as general health. And then there is the carbon monoxide that creeps in. Poor air quality inside your car […]

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Indoor Air Quality and Phthalates

Indoor air quality and phthalates haven’t been tightly connected, but there is evidence and research that points to a problem. Phthalates are found in so many products we use every day, it’s hard to discern where problems may arise for human health. If there is a problem with phthalates, what is the source? The jury […]

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Air Pollution Information

The internet is your best source for the latest in air pollution information. We have provided three suggestions for where you can conduct some solid research, but there are lots more. We’ll keep providing great sites as we are satisfied with their quality. Whether your research is on improving air quality, air pollution monitoring, or […]

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