South Coast Air Quality Management District

Air pollution is a serious problem in various parts of the world, and the Los Angeles basin suffers from some of the worst air quality in the U.S., and in the world. The South Coast Air Quality Management District exists to help educate citizens of the area and regulate the pollutants.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District is a large district that includes several cities in California. This government agency rates the air quality in Orange County and also the urban areas of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. This may not sound like a very large area, but in actuality, these areas are home to approximately 16 million people, which is about half of the population of California. This region is one of the smoggiest in the world and it is also the second most populated area in the United States. This is why the South Coast Air Quality Management District is so important.

This agency measures the air quality of these different areas and endeavors to help the citizens learn more about their air quality and how to make changes to help decrease the air pollution in their area. This agency controls and regulates the air pollution that is caused by industries and other stationary sources. Stationary sources of air pollution only make up around 23 percent of the air pollution in this area, so this means that 77 percent of the sources of air pollution are mobile, which includes cars, truck, buses, planes, and other things that move around. The standards for mobile sources are controlled and regulated by other state and federal agencies.
Air quality management is important. The South Coast Air Quality Management District measures the air quality in these areas and then sends out advisories to the citizens of this area so that they will know whether it is healthy or not. Improvements in the air quality are gradually being seen here, even though there is a steady increase in the population and the number of cars and other transportation sources. There is much that still needs to be done, however, to help reduce the air pollution in this district. That is why this management group is still trying to find ways to further decrease the air pollution and increase the air quality in the South Coast District.
The main thing that you need to consider is that most of the air pollution is caused by the people and their activities. If people living in the region called the South Coast Air Quality Management District (or anywhere, for that matter) would make some simple changes in their lives, the air quality of the South Coast area and places around the world would significantly increase. Steps everyone can take are driving less, supporting alternative fuels, carpooling, using public transportation, avoiding aerosols, and conserving energy by turning the heat down or the AC up.
Adopting these steps will make a big difference in improving air pollution. That will help now and in future generations. Decreased air pollution can help decrease the health problems many citizens face due to poor air quality, and it can help the environment.
The South Coast Air Quality Management District gives the citizens information about how to decrease the air pollution that they cause, and it helps regulate the air pollution that is released from industries, manufacturers, and other stationary sources. By giving information about the air quality to the citizens of this district, they are giving the citizens the tools that they need to make the best decision possible regarding pollution and their health.

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