Sierra Pacific Industries, Air Quality

Sierra Pacific Industries and air quality are closely connected because of their forest management. Trees not only provide habitat for wildlife, but they also create ecosystems that encourage other vegetation to grow and flourish. The trees, and the other vegetation, clean air of pollutants. When you remove a natural forest habitat and replace it with monoculture forests or developments, you create situations that encourage poor air quality.

How much do you know about the different industries that manufacture the products and items that you use or live in everyday? If you are like most people, you do not put much thought into who makes the item that you purchase at the store, you just purchase it. This may be a practice that you may want to reconsider though, when you realize how much impact that an industry or manufacturer can have upon the water and air quality in the area in which you live. Sierra Pacific Industries is one of these companies that is having a huge impact on the water and air quality in California.

Sierra Pacific Industries owns over 1.5 million acres in North America, making them the third largest private landowner in North America. This acreage is largely concentrated in California, where they cut and sell timber to make windows, mouldings, and other timber-related products. Their revenues are over 1 billion dollars a year. They are known by environmental groups for turning forests into a sterile single-species, chemical-laden environment that is only sustainable for growing timber, rather than allowing growth of animals and other species. This is what has environmental groups so concerned, because this single focused forest can have a huge impact upon the air quality in this area.
Air quality can be extremely dependent upon the number of trees and other vegetation that are in an area. The reason that this occurs is because trees and vegetation affect temperatures and can help decrease pollutants in the air. Trees can affect the temperature of buildings and homes because they help to shade the area, which decreases the amount of energy that will need to be used to cool the home. This is especially noticeable in the summer’s energy bills.
Temperature control can help decrease the affects of some pollutants. Trees can decrease pollutants in the air because many of them take the pollutants in through the leaves where they are absorbed into the tree’s system. The pollutants do not stay in the tree, however, because they are washed away by rain into the soil. This can cause water quality and soil quality issues. But the trees are important, even though they don’t magically get rid of pollutants, because of the oxygen they “exhale” as part of their photosynthesis process.
Due to the fact that Sierra Pacific Industries owns so much forestland stretching from Oregon south to the middle of California, they have a big impact upon the air quality in the western part of the United States. They do replant the trees they cut, but this replanting is, in most cases, only one single species of a tree, rather than the normal diverse species of trees that you see in a natural forest habitat.
Additionally, they are converting some forestlands into housing and commercial developments, and ski resorts. These developments will increase the amount of pollution that is released into the air while removing much of nature’s air cleaner, thus decreasing air quality even further.
Sierra Pacific Industries is just one example of an industry that is not taking proper care of the environment. Although many environmental groups are aware of this, their huge revenues make it very difficult to encourage them to change their practices. It’s important for citizens to do their part by not purchasing items made from these careless industries.
By researching different manufacturers and industries that you spend your money with, and acting on what you learn, you will be helping to make a change in how they do their business. The impact industry, like Sierra Pacific Industries, has on air quality is astounding. Choose your purchases carefully so you don’t contribute to air pollution less.

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