Removing Smells With Carbon Air Filters

Activated carbon air filters are great for removing odors and toxic gases from the air you breathe. Carbon is made from charcoal, so charcoal air filters are also good. Activated carbon zeolite air filters are good odor removers because the activated carbon is good at removing odors while zeolite, a mineral known for it’s sieve-like function, team up well to remove more odor-causing molecules than either would do alone. The use of an activated charcoal air filter, also known as activated carbon air filters, helps freshen your indoor air.

Does you home always seem to have an odor to it? There are options other than running around with the can of air freshener behind your pets and children. Install activated carbon air filters or charcoal air filters to help remove some of the odors in your home. Keep in mind that carbon is a charcoal except that it has been treated with oxygen to help create lots of little pores to trap odors and gases.

Many times carbon air filters, also called charcoal air filters, are used in conjunction with other air filters to help remove the particulates as well as the odors from the air. This is great because many times you are removing the source of the odors as well as the odors themselves with the dual use of these filters. Some HEPA air cleaning filter systems employ activated carbon zeolite air filters to help you get the most out of your air cleaning system. Charcoal air filters can be easily installed also to help remove odors or gases from the air that you are breathing. There are do it yourself activated charcoal air filters for odor that you can add to your existing heating and air conditioning filter and cut to size charcoal filter for the return air grille that you can cut to ensure that it is exactly the right size for your filter. Using the charcoal or carbon air filters in conjunction with your other air filters can help your air stay clean and fresh.
Many times the charcoal room air filter also has microbial protection to help prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and other pathogens. This is a great way to help prevent illness and the spread of germs in your home.
What kinds of odors do carbon air filters help to remove from your home? Odors that come from your pets, ammonia, cooking odors, tobacco smell, cigarette smell, and bathroom odors, just to name a few. These air filters do not mask the odor; they capture the odor and help to return clean, fresh air to your home.
Charcoal or carbon air filters are also used in gas masks that the armed forces use to protect themselves in the event of a toxic gas or other biological attack. They are used to help remove these toxins from the air that you breathe to help keep you from falling ill or even dying. This is just one of the many ways that carbon air filters help to improve the air that we breathe.
Activated charcoal air filters do need to be changed regularly. The carbon, or charcoal, absorbs the gases and odors so once the filter is full of odors or gases, it no longer works efficiently. How often the filter needs to be changed depends upon its use, so check your manufacturer’s instructions to get an idea of how often the charcoal air filter element needs to be replaced.
Using activated charcoal air filters is easy. You can find activated charcoal air filters for just about any size of system that you have. Try one out and you will be on your way to breathing cleaner, fresher air.

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