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Air filters have been around for a long time. And once in awhile a new approach to an old technology can make for a better air filter to improve the air quality by making clean air for your home or office. OdorKlenze may be such a product.

OdorKlenz(TM) is an odor elimination technology patented by Nanoscale Corp. of Manhattan, Kansas. OdorKlenz is offered in two formulations, one for deodorizing air and the other for use on surfaces. It works by binding the chemicals that cause odors to oxides of common metals such as aluminum, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and not-so-common metals such as titanium and cerium. The company refers to these oxides collectively as “Earth minerals”, which indeed they are.

The use of such oxides to eliminate odors is not new. What’s new in OdorKlenz is its use of nanotechnology to vastly improve the odor-eating ability of metal oxides. Nanoscale Corp. uses a proprietary method to produce reactive nanoparticles of metal oxides. A nanoparticle’s diameter is measured in nanometers, or one-billionth of a meter.

Some environmentalists have concerns about potential health effects of “nanoparticle” in general, thinking their size makes them more easily dispersed and capable of being inhaled deeply. But in fact, each particle is not necessarily nano-scale itself; indeed, reactive nanoparticles may be fused together into relatively large pellets, or even bound up in a cream base for use as a sunscreen. The surface of each particle is punctuated by pores on the order of 2 to 50 nanometers in diameter. The more pores a surface has, the greater its surface area. More surface area means more material comes into contact with the odor-causing molecules it is designed to destroy. Thus, smaller volumes of reactive nanoparticles may be used to eliminate the same volume of odor-causing materials, or the same volume of nanoparticles will last longer in odor-eating use.

OdorKlenz-Air is a pelletized form of reactive nanoparticles used in air filtration systems. OdorKlenz-S comes in a variety of forms suitable for deodorizing surfaces ranging from food preparation counters to morticians’ tables.

NanoScale Corp. was originally a spinoff of Kansas State University. Its mission was to develop practical applications of nanotechnology discoveries made the university. NanoScale’s early products were decontamination and biological warfare countermeasures developed for the government. Today, the company also offers industrial clean-up and consumer-oriented products.

In addition to OdorKlenz, NanoScale offers broad-spectrum hazardous chemical containment technology known as FAST-ACT. Available in a variety of quantities and particle sizes, FAST-ACT can be sprayed from a device like a fire extinguisher, sprinkled on a spill from a shaker, or shoveled from a bucket. The reactive nanoparticle technology is the same: put more molecules of hazardous material in contact with neutralizing metal oxides.

NanoScale Corp. has become a leader in nanotechnology and Kanas economic development Bill Sanford, president and chief executive officer of NanoScale Corp., is vice chairman of the Kansas Bioscience Authority, which has helped bring more than 2,800 high-tech jobs to the state. NanoScale is also a member of the National Defense Industrial Association and the Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Industry Group. The firm has won numerous awards for its technical innovation and economic development contributions. Clearly, Nanoscale Corp. is a positive contributor to the exciting field of nanotechnology, and a producer of high-value products for government, military, first responder, and consumer use.

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