Main Cause of Air Pollution

The main cause of air pollution is particulates and gasses that aren’t intended to be in the air, at least not in the concentration we create. Filtering exhaust stacks will help clean up air pollution, but attitudes need to change too. Changing how we do things will go a long way to creating clean air.

There are many causes of air pollution, but the main cause of air pollution can be linked to transportation, industry, agriculture, and the electricity generation. Learning more about the main causes of air pollution will enable you to change your life so that you can help decrease air pollution so that the environment will be healthier for the future.

  • Transportation
    This is a main cause of pollution. Transportation can account for almost 1/3 of the greenhouse gases put into the air. This includes all modes of traffic, including cars, trains, boats, planes, buses, and trucks. Some alternative fuel sources are now being used, including corn oil and electricity, but it is important that more research is done to help reduce the effect that transportation has on the environment
    Some things that you can do now include using alternative transportation, including walking or bicycling. Plan your trips wisely so that you reduce your driving. Carpooling is another great way to cut down on transportation. Reducing your driving as much as possible will help reduce pollution.
  • Industry
    Industries are a big source of fossil fuel pollution. because release carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons, and other particulates and gasses into the air. These gases particulates mix with the air to create smog and increase global warming. They also make the air harmful to breathe, a result none of us can live with. Many guidelines have been set by governments regarding the pollution that industries release, which has made a big difference on the amount of pollution from industry. More needs to be done though, especially in developing countries where the guidelines are softer and the potential for harm to people and the environment is greater.
  • Agriculture
    Agricultural activities cause pollution as well. These pollution sources largely include fertilizer residue, herbicides, farmyard waste, and pesticides. These contaminants are carried via groundwater or drainage ditches to rivers, lakes, and streams, which makes them polluted and unable to support fish life and plant life, but they do also enter the air at the source. Once they are in the air, they are dispersed on the winds to effect a larger area.
    Feedlots are a huge detriment to the environment. The animals living in the feedlots, the animals being raised for our consumption, aren’t healthy because of the filth they live in. The air and water are polluted because of the high concentration of animal waste. I remember as a kid staying at a hotel my family always on vacation. We pulled in late this night and fell asleep quickly. But in the middle of the night the winds shifted, and the stench from the new feedlot settled over us. We couldn’t filter the air from the stench so left hours before the sun rose. That hotel is closed now. And this is just one tiny example of the problem with feedlots.
  • Electricity Generation
    Power plants are a main cause of air pollution as well. Power plants around the world belch contaminants into the air which causes severe environmental problems. Mercury, released by coal burning power plants, accumulates in animals that are in the food chain, but most especially in fish. Dioxin and arsenic are two other contaminants that are released into the air by power plants, but there are over sixty contaminants that are released and foul our air. There are many efforts to push more stringent guidelines for these power plants, but it’s a slow and difficult process.
  • The main cause of pollution can be laid right in our laps. For years, people did not think about what the ramifications were for what they were doing. We took for granted that the environment would stay the same, but we were wrong. You’d think we would have learned from what we did to the air at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, but we didn’t. The key to helping the environment now is making changes, changes in the way we live and in the choices we make. Without change, our environment will continue to disintegrate. We can’t live with that.

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