Journal About Air Pollution in Malaysia

Air quality is suffering more in developing countries than in industrialized ones. Reading a journal about air pollution in Malaysia will help you understand the specific problems they have. Countries like Malaysia are still too poor to worry about clean air, but there will come a time when they will be forced to, and hopefully will be able to afford the solutions.

When learning about air pollution all around the world, you are sure to come across a journal about air pollution in Malaysia. Malaysia is not a country many westerners know much about, but it is a country that is very affected by air pollution. From the beach to the jungle to the cities, Malaysia is a country that offers quite a bit to tourists and to its citizens in culture and beauty, so it is important that they consider their air pollution issues now to help keep the environment healthy for them and their visitors. What are some of the air pollution issues that Malaysia is dealing with?

The economy of Malaysia is largely dependent upon manufacturing. These industries and factories are a large contributor to the air pollution issue in Malaysia. Their high level of manufacturing contributes to the air pollution in the form of chemicals, dust, organic, and inorganic pollutants being released into the air. Depending upon the industry under discussion, the pollutants are different. No matter what type of pollutant is released, it has an effect, either good or bad (mostly bad), upon the environment.

Over the last decade, the number of cars that are driven in Malaysia has doubled. This has also helped to add to the air pollution problem. The amount of air pollution that is released by the modes of transportation is largely due to the burning of fossil fuels, which are a large contributor to air pollution around the world.

Public transportation is much more environmentally friendly than driving your private car, simply because more people can travel on the public transportation than in the car. Even carpooling can help to decrease the amount of pollution that is released, simply because there are fewer cars on the road. By making changes in your driving habits, you can help to decrease the amount of pollution that you and your family release into the air via your vehicle.

Power plants are another pollution source in Malaysia, as well as in other parts of the world. Most of the energy in Malaysia is made using fossil fuels, including coal, oil, or natural gas. These fossil fuels release pollutants into the air when they burn, which causes environmental and health problems. Although Malaysia is beginning to see the need for hydroelectric power plants that are more environmentally friendly, approximately eight-six percent of the power is made by the more conventional power plants that burn fossil fuels, which is why more needs to be done.

From everyday activities like driving, mowing the lawn, and chemical usage to power plants to manufacturing, each of these things have an effect upon the air pollution in Malaysia. Reading a journal about air pollution in Malaysia will enable you to learn more about the different sources of air pollution and the different ways that Malaysians are trying to decrease the air pollution. This knowledge is the key to decreasing air pollution across the world, in Malaysia, and in your own area.

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