Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality isn’t something we think about the same way we think about outdoor air quality, but we should. There are indoor air quality systems we can use at home or at the office to help evaluate the air quality, and then to help improve it by filtering the pollutants. With the increasing use of plastics, indoor air quality and phthalates are being linked and of concern. Indoor air quality monitors help you evaluate what particulates your air has, and then air filters and air purifiers help clean the air so you can breathe easy again.

The indoor air quality that your home or place of business has is the measurement of how pure the air actually is. The more particles that are in the air, the worse the air quality is. When most people think of the air as being polluted, they think of smog and factory pollution. In fact, poor air quality is likely to be in your home, and that’s not visible.

The benefits of insuring good air quality for your home are enormous. Good air can improve your health or prevent many diseases from occurring. The bad news is that you need to invest some money into providing systems to check the quality of the air as well as purification systems to help remove the bad stuff.
The first thing to realize is that there are many things inside your home filling your air with particles that will later enter your body through your respiratory system. You may think that air pollution is only caused by cigarette smoke, but there is lots more that pollutes the air. Things such as dust, dander, pollen, and germs add to your air’s pollution. Even things you have never heard of can affect it. For example, there are many research projects happening that are trying to determine if indoor air quality and phthalates have anything to do with each other. A phthalate is a chemical substance that is used in the production of plastics. It is used in such products like lubricants, adhesives and in nail polish. The studies are trying to determine if, in fact, the phthalates are getting into the air at large enough amounts to make you ill. As you can see, there are many very tiny particles in the air that can be getting into your system.
You know that you have these particles in your home, but what can you do to pull them out? There are many types of indoor air quality systems that you can choose from. The first thing that you can do is purchase a measurement kit. The kit will contain everything that you need to determine what is floating in your home’s air. The kits are inexpensive, when you consider the information that they will provide you with. But, knowing that pollutants are there isn’t enough. You need to take it to the next level.
Removal of particles from the air seems like a daunting challenge, especially when we are talking about an entire house. Indoor air quality monitors can help you to know what levels are in your home. Then, in order to filter the air that you breathe, you should consider looking for air filtration systems, or air purifiers. The quality of the product that you purchase is the key; the better the filter or purifier, the better your air quality will be. Purchase one that is the right size for the space that needs to be cleaned, as well as one that has the ability to filter what is in your air. Indoor air quality can improve, if in fact you take the necessary steps.

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