Hotel Air Quality

How is that perfumes and scents have become equated with fresh? What has happened to fresh air meaning no scent, or at least only that provided by nature? Air quality goes down as chemicals are used to treat the air. Allergies and chemical sensitivities go up as VOCs (volatile organic compounds) permeate our world. Rather than scent the air, sheets and towels, air filters should be used to remove air pollution that fill guestrooms, homes and offices.

Allergy sufferers often find that going out of town is more miserable than its worth. This is because hotels, motels, and other lodging do not consider their needs. If you consider the number of people that stay in rooms each year and the amount of pollutants that could be in a hotel room, you are sure to see the great value in having a section of rooms that are especially for allergy sufferers. By having rooms that revolve around the needs of people who suffer from allergies, the hospitality industry is opening up travel to a whole new group of people. There are several different companies that specialize in allergy-friendly rooms, including Pure Solutions and Green Suites.

Pure Solutions is one company that helps to make lodging a healthy place for allergy sufferers. NYLO hotels have jumped into the green hotel market by using Pure Solutions. In this particular hotel chain, they have devoted one floor (44 rooms) of each hotel to allergy sufferers. Pure Solutions has a process that they use to help make the rooms healthy for allergy sufferers. Here is their PURE room process:

  • All parts of the heating and air system are cleaned. This includes the coils, drip pans, ductwork, and fans. A cartridge is placed in the air system that contains tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic. This process is repeated quarterly.
  • All upholstery on the couches, chairs, etc. are cleaned, as well as the carpets.
  • A high ozone shock treatment is completed on the room to kill any remaining bacteria or mold that may still be in the room.
  • Pure Shield is applied to the room. This spray forms an electrostatic barrier that keeps microorganisms from attaching to the surfaces.
  • One of the final steps in preparing the room for allergy sufferers is an air purifying system. This system is one of two kinds a normal boxed system or one that is part of the underside of the bed. They claim that their filtering system can remove 98-100% of bacteria, 100% if viruses, and 94% of fungi. This helps to keep the room as allergen free as possible.
  • The final step is encasing the pillows and mattress in coverings so that the dust mites cannot cause allergic reactions.
  • An optional feature that is offered is shower filters that remove chlorine from the water. If you are sensitive to chlorine, then this is something that you will want to check into when you book a room.
  • Cleaning the room is done with allergy-friendly cleaners to help keep the room healthy for allergy sufferers.

Green Suites is the first company that considered the needs of allergy sufferers. They advocate the use of air purifiers, shower filters that remove chlorine, environmentally and allergy friendly cleaners, water filtering systems and more. They use a Hoover air purifier, rather than one that they have manufactured themselves and their main premise is that the cleaners can make or break an allergy-friendly room. Their AllerFresh rooms are marketed to the over fifty million allergy sufferers in this country.

And just as some companies and hotels consider the chemically sensitive guest and strive to accommodate their needs, the trend seems to be toward using more chemicals for that “fresh” smell. Lately, I have experienced more dryer sheets and plug-in style air fresheners more than ever before. Just after I read an article about how Las Vegas hotels are not only perfuming the guestroom air, but are also piping scents onto the sidewalk as a way of enticing people to come in. Las Vegas has become a dangerous place for chemically sensitive people.

These allergy-friendly rooms may cost the consumer a bit more, but the extra cost can be well worth it when you suffer from allergies or allergy induced asthma. If you have allergies, then you will definitely want to check into one of these rooms made just for you. Your allergy symptoms will be glad you did!

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