Greenhouse Effect — Car Pollution

Are Mt. Kilimanjaro’s glaciers melting because of the greenhouse effect or car pollution? It’s hard to say, but it sure makes sense that they play a roll in the changing climate we see around the world. Part of the problem with this discussion is that we don’t really understand all the ramifications of the greenhouse effect or nature’s cycles, so we don’t really know how connected the various environmental issues are that we are observing. But, the greenhouse effect is definitely connected to car pollution, so care needs to be taken to keep air quality from getting worse.

The greenhouse effect and car pollution are greatly connected. Many people understand that car pollution has a large impact upon the environment, but the correlation between this type of pollution and the greenhouse effect is sometimes not be as widely known. This knowledge is desperately needed, however, so that you can see how important it is to make changes in your life and help to decrease the amount of car pollution that you are responsible for.

What is the greenhouse effect? Cars release several different pollutants that react with the sunlight to create ground level ozone, which is part of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when the warm air is trapped inside the earth due to certain gases that trap the sun’s warmth in the earth. This increased temperature can have big impacts upon the polar ice caps and upon the animals and environment. The greenhouse effect is a normal phenomenon, because without it, the earth would not be warm enough for us humans to live, but the increased warming is having an effect on everything in the environment.

What kind of greenhouse effect car pollution pollutants are released into the air? Sunlight reacts with the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide that is released by cars to help increase the greenhouse effect. Cars release thirty percent of the carbon dioxide that is in the air. A gallon of gasoline burned by a car releases 22 pounds of carbon dioxide. This huge release of carbon dioxide has a big effect on the greenhouse effect. Seventy-six percent of the carbon monoxide in the air is released by cars, which affects many different bodily processes.

What can you do about the greenhouse effect car pollution? You need to find ways to decrease your release of car pollutants. This may be by carpooling, walking or bicycling, driving less, and buying more energy friendly cars. You will have to make some changes in your life, but it can be well worth it to help decrease the amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide that you release into the air via your car and driving habits. If care is not taken with car pollution and the greenhouse effect, then the problems could significantly worsen to cause harm to humans, animals, and the environment.

What is the worse that can happen if the greenhouse effect continues worsening? Melting polar ice caps can cause significant flooding. The warming of the earth can cause animals to die or to have to change where they live, because the environment is not favorable to them. This would most especially affect animals that prefer colder weather. The effect on humans can be quite large as well, because the warmer weather increases financial costs due to having to cool our homes and it can change the way we have to live our lives.

The greenhouse effect and car pollution are very closely intertwined. By learning about different ways that you can make a difference, you will be able to help make a good impact upon the environment. Consider your car and your car driving habits to see if there is any room for change. The environment and future generations will thank you for it.

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