Florida Air Quality Solutions

Florida has poor air quality, but agencies are working on Florida air quality solutions. The hard part of improving Florida’s air pollution problems is that some of the particulates come from other areas of the world, not just actions taken right there in Florida, actions like automobiles and industry. The choices residents and tourists make impact Florida’s air quality, but it’s a bigger problem than that. It’s a world-wide problem in many ways. But, the more that can be done locally the more fresh and clean air there will be.

What is the first thing that you think of when you consider the state of Florida? Is it the wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes or other natural disasters, or is it the beaches, Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral or Walt Disney World? How much have you heard concerning Florida air quality problems? If you are like most people, you do not hear much about the air quality problems, much less in Florida. It is a bigger problem than you may imagine, however.

Florida’s air pollution largely falls into two categories-ozone and particulate matter. This is much the same as it is across the country, unfortunately. The high levels of ozone and particulate matter in the air can cause many health problems, including respiratory problems. This is especially true when people have pre-existing health conditions, including asthma and other breathing problems. Pollution levels can exacerbate their health issues, which can cause severe respiratory distress or possibly even death.
Another facet of air pollution that many people do not know much about is that some of Florida’s air pollution can be attributed to dust from Africa. This falls into the particulate matter category, but I find it extremely interesting to see that what happens across the world can have a major impact upon a state in the United States. It’s disquieting to realize that wind carrying dust from African storms has an impact upon Florida. And that’s true of other environmental factors, like volcanic dust, being scattered around the globe. Due to satellite imagery, researchers can track the progress of the windstorms across the Atlantic Ocean and can then measure the amount of African dust in the air. The distinct red-brown color dust from Africa is easy to track.
Florida is taking steps to improve their air quality. You can find quite a bit of information on Florida air quality solutions at The Clean Air Florida website. It is full of information about Florida’s air quality, programs, monitoring and other facts and data, all geared toward helping you to determine whether the air is safe for you on a particular day. This is quite helpful, especially if you suffer from a respiratory problem.
Ways that you can become part of Florida air quality solutions yourself are also described on the website, including using public transportation, taking proper care of your vehicle, driving your car less, and many other hints and tips. Even tourists can do their part by reading more about how to help decrease the air pollution levels in Florida. For example, if everyone were more careful with energy conservation, less electricity would have to be generated, thereby contributing less pollutants and particulates into Florida’s air. By making small changes in our lifestyle, we all can make a difference in the air that we breathe both at home and when we travel.
Florida air quality solutions are something that everyone can do. If we would just take care of our own little part of the world, then a big impact can be made upon the air quality levels across the world. By learning more about Florida air quality solutions and in other parts of the world, we will learn more about air quality and pollution in general, which is a great way to help the entire world breathe better.

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