Electronic Air Purifiers

If you are trying to decide which electronic air purifier is for you, check the online air purifier reviews and rating of room air purifiers. Clean air is important for our health and comfort and air purifiers can help you attain that. Your choices include ozone air purifiers and ionic air purifiers.

Electronic air purifiers use electric components as apposed to chemicals to cleanse the air. These products are quite successful, but like most other filtration systems have both pros and cons of using them. For you to choose one or the other type of air purifiers, you should weigh the value of each as well as how it effects your specific situation. You are likely to find value in any of the electronic air purifiers though.

What Are They?
Electronic air purifiers are air purifiers that use technology rather than chemicals to remove particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander and bacteria from the air. Here are two types:

  1. Ozone air purifiers are one example of an electronic air purifier. In this case, the system works by creating ozone through the indoor air purifier. Ozone, or O3, is a natural gas that cleanses the air. For example, you may witness this when you smell the freshness of the air after a lighting strike during a thunderstorm. The Ozone purifiers work in the same manner, naturally cleansing the air with ozone.
  2. Ionic air purifiers are the other type of electronic air purifier. These work by charging the air to cause the particles within it to attach themselves to your furniture or to each other to then fall out of the air. The goal in this case is to allow the particles to fall therefore coming out of the air and out of harm of your respiratory system. They can easily be cleaned up off of surfaces then.

But like most products of this type, there are good and bad things that can come from using them. The best air purifiers prevent all but the smallest size, and the least number, of particles to get through, but even the most advanced are not 100% effective.
The Good Stuff
Any of these electronic air purifiers can benefit a home or a room. Because they have the ability to safely remove particles from the air, they can reduce problems with asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions. They can help to rid the area of viruses and bacteria in the air. Electronic air purifiers can help to rid the area of mold spores as well. The goal is to purify the air by removing anything from it.
On The Other Hand
Though electronic air purifiers work well, that don’t work 100% of the time. They each have bad qualities as well. For example, the ozone air purifiers can be effective against odors such as cigarette smoke. They can work well at destroying chemicals as well as bacteria. But, they do cause a smell that some do not like. They can also be troublesome; they can bother the eyes and nose if the ozone concentration is too high.
The same plus and minus can be said for the ionic air purifiers. These are great at removing particles, even some of the smallest. They are able to neutralize such things as viruses and bacteria. They can do a good job of circulating the air enough to get all air in the room moving through them and being cleaned. But, the ionic air purifiers are less effective at removing all particles from the air and they can not remove odors. Likewise, they struggle with the getting rid of chemicals at all.
When it comes to making a decision about the electronic air purifiers, use air purifier reviews found on the web. Take the time to compare air purifiers through the consumer ratings of air purifiers, especially electronic air purifiers on the web.

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