Effects of car pollution

The effects of car pollution are far reaching. Air quality is reduced because of car pollution. Water quality suffers because of car pollution. Though action is being taken to reduce the effects of car pollution on the planet, more needs to be done to preserve life and health.

Pollution of all kinds is prevalent around the world. From water to air to car pollutions, pollution is making a big impact upon our environment. The effects of car pollution are numerous and they are closely linked to the other kinds of pollution, which is why it is so important to gain more knowledge and information about this particular kind of pollution. What are some of the effects of car pollution?

Car pollution has an effect on air quality. Car exhaust from fuel usage adds many different harmful substances into the air. This includes carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides. They have some major effects on the air. To learn more about these effects, read further:

  • Carbon Dioxide

    The effect of this pollutant is that it traps heat in the earth and it contributes to the greenhouse effect. This is a big contributor to global warming, which causes numerous problems across the world, including an increase in sea levels, changes in precipitation, extinction of some animals, glaciers melting, etc.

  • Hydrocarbons

    Hydrocarbons are a big contributor to ground level ozone, which is a big problem in many cities around the world. The hydrocarbons are involved in a chemical reaction with sunlight and nitrogen oxide that causes ozone. This ozone causes health issues and environmental problems that can be quite significant.

  • Carbon Monoxide

    This pollutant can cause severe health issues all over the body. The most common issues that are seen are cardiovascular effects, nervous system effects, and respiratory problems. It also contributes to the formation of ozone, which causes severe respiratory and environmental effects.

  • Nitrogen Oxides

    This by-product of car pollution has a big affect on the environment and the air. This includes the formation of ozone, acid rain, particulate pollution, climate changes, and it can cause visibility problems.

Car pollution also has an effect upon the water sources in the world. Water pollution is not something that people know a lot about, but it is a big problem. Car pollution affects the water in many different ways. These include:

  • Nitrogen Oxide

    This upsets the chemical balance of nutrients in the water, which can cause problems with the animals and plants that are dependent upon the water. It can also reduce the fish and shellfish population.

  • Particulates

    Particulates that are released into the air via car exhaust can have an impact upon the precipitation that an area gets. Research has found that it can cause an area to get less rain, which can have a significant impact upon the water sources in your area.

  • Toxins and Degreasing Agents

    These items may be used to clean and take care of your car, but some of them can cause huge problems in our water sources, including an overgrowth of algae, contamination of drinking water, contamination of fish and aquatic life, and more. Each of these problems can cause problems to humans, because we eat and drink out of these water sources.

  • Oil Disposal

    Not disposing of the oil that you change in the car properly can have a huge impact upon the environment. One quart of oil can contaminate thousands of gallons of water, because oil does not dissipate or dissolve into the water. Disposing of it via a repair or oil change shop will help to make sure that the oil does not get into the water sources in your area.

As you can see, the effects of car pollution are wide and far-reaching. Be sure that you keep this in mind each time you get behind the wheel of your car. Take care to reduce car pollution so you can breathe more easily.

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