Do-it-yourself: Install Furnace Air Filters

Most furnace air filters are easily changed by the do-it-yourself handyman, though some require a professional HVAC contractor to make the change. To do it yourself, to install furnace air filters, do your homework and know the size filter you need, the make and model of your furnace, and the tasks you want your air filter to perform. Buying the right air filter will not only keep your furnace working at peak performance, but it will also help maintain good indoor air quality and a healthy environment for the people living in the house or working in the office.

How much thought do you put into what air filter to purchase for your furnace? If you are like most consumers, you pick the first one that you see that fits your furnace system. However, that is not the best way to choose an air filter, especially if you have allergies or asthma. Your air filter choice can make a big difference in not only how you feel, but in maintenance and electric costs for your furnace. That’s why it’s important to learn as much as you can about the various air filter options.

Price is not the first thing you should consider when choosing an air filter. While price is what most people notice first, you should also consider the quality of the air filter that you are considering. Quality impacts the efficiency of how well your heating system warms your home or office, and it can make a difference in your electric bill.
Any breathing problems you or others in the house may have justifies a high quality air filter that can help remove many of the particulates, micro-organisms, and gasses from the air. Clean air lets you breathe more easily. Find the furnace air filter that fits both your budget and your needs so that you will get the most value for your money.
Air filters are readily available in home improvement stores, superstores, some grocery stores and online, so it is important that you have some idea of what you are looking for before you buy. Determine what size and what kind of air filter that you need so when you visit the store, you will not be confused by all of the different choices that are available.
If you like to do-it-yourself, to install furnace air filters requires just a bit of attention to detail and it’s a snap. First, you need to know exactly what system you have to make sure it doesn’t have special requirements in the replacement filter you buy. The filter size is important too. If it’s too big or too small, it won’t fit the opening tightly enough to force all air entering the furnace to pass through the filter; that can damage the furnace, and it reduces the effectiveness of the filter for the inhabitants.
Knowing what you want the furnace air filter to do is also important in selecting the right one for the job. If removing large particulates to protect he furnace is all you want to do, that’s basic. But if you are removing allergens and fumes from the air to help maintain a healthy environment, then you need to get a fancier filter. Preparation is the key.
Air filters are an essential component to your air cleaning and heating systems, so don’t skimp on quality. Buy the highest quality air filter you can afford and buy an extra one to ensure that you are able to change the air filter when needed. A dirty and clogged air filter can harm your air system and will not clean the air effectively. Follow your manufacturer’s recommendations concerning how often the filter needs to be replaced. It’s also a good idea, especially if your have breathing problems, to check your air filter periodically between regular replacements to see if it needs to be changed or cleaned earlier than normal.
Quality air filters can save you money in the long run in operating costs, healthcare costs, and maintenance. Make your do-it-yourself furnace air filter replacement task an easy one.

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