Compressed Air Filters

High air quality is important in any setting, but in industrial settings it’s even more important, making the use of compressed air filters vital. They type or types of air filters you use depends on your air cleaning needs. You may use compressed air filters absorbers, medical compressed air filters, or even inline compressed air filters or cleaners. Buy the best compressed air filters you can afford and from the supplier of your air filter system. Having replacement air intake filters on hand lets you easily change them, keeping your system working at its best.

Compressed air filters are often used in industrial settings. These air filters help to remove water, oil, oil vapor, rust scale, and dirt from the air and to keep it out of the air circulation system. This is essential in industries where there are by-products that can harm their employees, their machinery, or even the outside air. These kinds of by-products are inevitable in some manufacturing industries, but keeping the air as clean as possible has many different benefits for the industry itself and for the air that we breathe.

The first benefit is that employees stay healthier by not breathing in as much of these particulates. This helps in decreasing time lost due to sickness and in health costs for their employees. Keeping employees healthier helps them to work more efficiently and to increase production.
Another benefit of compressed air filters is that it helps to keep the machinery working optimally. Machinery that gets these particulates inside of them can cause severe mechanical problems, which can translate into repair bills and frequent maintenance. Keeping the machinery working at an optimum level will keep production moving and will cut down on machine breakdowns.
There are several different types of compressed air filters and they all work together to create the air filtration system that is right for your particular business. They include air intake filters, coalescing filters, particulate removal filters, vapor removal filters (absorbers), and combination air filters. Choosing the air filter for your particular industry is vital to ensure that you keep your machinery, products, and employees as safe as possible. For example, if you work in the medical industry, then you will need to have medical compressed air filters to help keep your products as clean and pure as possible. Using the compressed air filter correctly is essential in helping it to work the way it is designed to. Without a proper filter, your business may experience increased downtime, slower production, and inferior products.
Most compressed air filters work first by having an air intake filter. This filter removes most of the particulates from the air, but some contaminants like water vapor, oil vapor, and rust and pipe scale remain. Regular replacement air intake filters changing should occur to help this filter to continue working optimally. To remove rust and pipe scale and water and oil vapor, most compressed air systems have a desiccant filter. A desiccant compressed air filters absorbers help to capture wet particulates and dry them out to keep them out of the air and the machinery. These many different filters work together to keep the machinery, employees, products, and the earth cleaner and safer.
Compressed air filters come in different grades to enable businesses to custom choose the filter that will work for their particular contaminants. The size of contaminants that can be captured range from the larger 3 microns to the ultra-small 0.3 microns. Depending upon the needs of your industry, you will be able to buy compressed air filters to fit your particular needs.
Compressed air filters are an important component in industry. The advent of these air filters has helped many industries that were previously considered environmentally dangerous to become cleaner and healthier for employees and the earth.

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