Cigarette Smoke Air Pollution

Environmental issues happen on many fronts and in many ways. Cigarette smoke air pollution has typically been considered a health concern, but it’s a bigger concern than the focus has been. Sometimes interior air pollution is worse for people than exterior air pollution, but in some areas that may be a close tie because of the heavy smoking. When there are many sources of air pollution to contend with, manage the ones you have control over. Cigarette smoke is one of those issues.

Everyone knows that cigarettes are bad for your health, but did you also know that they have a big effect upon air pollution? Studies in Italy have shown that cigarette smoke air pollution emissions could be as much as ten times greater than emissions from diesel car exhaust. This is a huge concern for Italian authorities that has far reaching ramifications for countries all over the world. Most people assume that this pollution would just be concentrated inside of homes and other buildings, but it can also impact the air outside as well.

Of course, cars have seen great improvements in the amount of pollution that they release into the air over the last couple of decades, so this could be part of the reason why cigarettes smoke air pollution has overtaken pollution that is release by diesel cars. This study still shows people all over the world that cigarette smoke can be a huge problem for the air that we breathe each and everyday. It needs to be taken seriously to help decrease the impact that it has upon the environment and the health of people all around the world.

Most people understand that secondhand smoke can cause allergic symptoms and symptom of irritation in some people, as well as lead to cancer and other severe ailments. Cigarette smoke causes several different physical symptoms, including coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and tightness of the chest. Dealing with cigarette smoke is helpful in situations where you can’t change the situation, but where you can go for it!

Asthmatics may find cigarette smoke causes a severe asthma attack, which is dangerous and must be treated. Whether you are an asthmatic, have allergies, or are just simply sensitive to cigarette smoke, you will find that it is important to you to stay away from areas that have large concentrations of cigarette smoke, both inside and outside.

Cigarette smoke air pollution is predominantly made up of particulate matter, which is especially dangerous to those who suffer from allergies and asthma. These particulates can combine with other particulates causing severe environmental problems and issues, including smog and more. Particulate matter can also cause other environmental problems, including water pollution, because it tends to end up in water sources due to settlement and runoff.

Studies differ on the amount of impact that cigarette smoke has on the air pollution issue, from the Italian study which has it at a high impact to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that claims that cigarette smoke has very little effect upon air pollution. No matter which study you decide to put your trust in, you want to remember that any effect is a bad one.

Whether the cigarette smoke air pollution is a large issue or a small issue, any pollution is bad. That should be enough for you to do your part in reducing the amount of cigarette pollution we all have to deal with.

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