Cause of Air Pollution

The cause of air pollution is not simple or even localized. You may live in an area that doesn’t create much of its own air pollution, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have any problems with it. Air quality is impacted from activities that happen far away, as well as close at hand. Changing your lifestyle can make a difference. To do that, become aware of all the things you do that contribute to air pollution, and become aware of the things you can do to bring clean and fresh air back into your life.

Air pollution is a problem that most people like to blame on everyone else, on industries, or on the government. What is truly the cause of air pollution? You. Me. Your neighbor. Your friend. We are all the cause of air pollution. Each time we climb into our cars, we are adding to the air pollution problem. Each lit cigarette contributes to air pollution. Energy consumption, agriculture, and travel contribute to air pollution. The furnishings and finishes we use in our homes and offices often contribute to air pollution. Each time we buy a product from an industry that is adding to the air pollution problem we take a little of that blame on our own shoulders. We are the reason that the ozone level is depleting. We are the reason that cities are covered in smog. We are to blame.

You may be saying to yourself, “I didn’t do all of it. The government should have set some regulations sooner” and you would be right. However, we are not helping the situation any when we continue to take the environment for granted. By not paying attention to the activities that we do every single day, from driving to work to mowing the lawn to using chemicals in our homes, we are exacerbating the effects that are parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents began. Therefore, we have a significant responsibility for the condition of the air today.

You may be thinking, “I am not responsible for what the industries do” and you can’t march in and close them down. However, by supporting the industries that are the worse offenders by purchasing their products or services, you are in fact condoning their air pollution. This information is readily available on local air quality sites, simply by doing a search on the internet. The industries that are repeat offenders of the air pollution regulations should be the ones that you concentrate on, so that they will get the message that we are not going to stand for it anymore.

And buying products manufactured elsewhere doesn’t improve air quality in your area. Why? Because air circulates around the globe. Pollution created in China, India or anywhere will come to the center of the US or Canada, causing problems as it comes. Supporting polluting industries only encourages more.

We all need electricity and you may feel like you can’t do anything about the amount of pollution that they release into the air. You are right up to a point. As far as the electrical plants, we do need electricity to do all that we do today, but have you ever considered that if you used less electricity, you could decrease the amount of energy that the plant has to produce? Just by turning off lights when you are not in a room, using lower wattage bulbs, turning off televisions, and other simple steps, you can help decrease the amount of electricity that your home uses and if everyone would do this, then the electrical plant would not need to produce as much energy. This would result in a decrease in the amount of pollutants that they release, as well as save you money.

By making changes in our own lives and being aware of the industries, manufacturers, and activities that release pollution into the air, we can help to make a difference in the air pollution problem. We will then turn from a cause of air pollution into a solution to decreasing air pollution. That is a decision that will have far-reaching effects for future generations.

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