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Air Pollution Causes

Thinking about air pollution causes will help you figure out ways to clean your surroundings. Pollution is a fairly simple response to “abundant living”, so fairly simple changes can help clean the air we breathe. Not knowing or understanding the balance of nature also contributes to air pollution. Trees and other plants help clean air […]

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Types of Air Pollution

The types of air pollution include particulates, noxious fumes, and molds. Particulates come from energy production, dust, and every day living. Noxious fumes are created in manufacturing, released from building finishes and furnishings, and energy production. And every day living creates pollens, lint and dust, and encounters micro-organisms like dust mites. Molds are often a […]

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Air Pollution Statistics

To help you determine how careful you will be with your energy consumption, your home renovation or construction, and your lifestyle, paying attention to air pollution statistics can be helpful. You may not notice how polluted the air around you is, but chances are, you are breathing filthy and stagnate air. Learning what causes that, […]

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