Car Pollution Facts

Air quality is greatly affected by automobiles. How can knowing car pollution facts change that? By showing you the connection between car usage and air pollution. That knowledge gives you power. Will you have the courage to make changes in your life to reduce your impact on the environment?

There are some car pollution facts that everyone needs to know. This article will help you to learn more about car pollution so that you can be a better steward of your car and the environment.

  • Car pollution has significantly decreased over the last twenty years, due to a change from leaded to unleaded gasoline and changes made by car manufacturers. This does not mean that it is no longer a problem, however, and that is why it is important to learn as much as possible about it.
  • Car pollution affects the environment in many different ways. From noise pollution to air pollution to water pollution, car pollution impacts the environment on a large level.
  • Car pollution causes 51 percent of the carbon monoxide in the air. This carbon monoxide contributes to the smog problem and can be extremely dangerous, even fatal, in high concentrations.
  • Car pollution makes up 34 percent of both the VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and the nitrogen oxide that are in the environment. Both of these pollutants contribute to the production of smog and have an effect on plants and the respiratory system.
  • Car pollution makes up 31 percent of the carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon dioxide is thought to contribute greatly to global warming. Carbon dioxide is necessary for plants, that convert it to oxygen, but in high concentrations contributes to the greenhouse effect.
  • One study has found that car exhaust particulates cause more clouds to form in the atmosphere, but less rain. The increased levels of these particulates also have a big impact upon the amount of wind power that is available, because it decreases the low-level winds.
  • Cars contribute a great deal of runoff of different forms that runs into water sources, both small and large. This runoff contains oil, gasoline, dirt, brake dust, vehicle exhaust that is deposited on the ground, deicers, other automotive fluids, and much more. All of these pollutants can end up in your water source by runoff.
  • Proper maintenance of your car can make a big difference in the amount of pollution that is released. It can save gas and energy because your car will work much more efficiently.
  • Noise pollution is also another pollutant that is caused by cars. Although many people do not consider it a pollutant, noise can cause hearing problems, etc.

There are many things that can be done to help decrease car pollution, but it will take changes in your life to make them. This simple car pollution fact is what trips many people up, because people like to make changes in their lives. Some of the changes that could make an impact upon car pollution are carpooling, taking public transportation, buying more fuel-efficient cars, choosing cars that use alternative fuels, keeping your car properly maintained, and simply driving less. If people would just be open to making some changes in their lives, then the only car pollution fact that we would have to be concerned with would be that it is decreasing and that would be a wonderful fact to know.

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