Car Pollution

Air quality is negatively impacted in many ways, but car pollution is one of the worst offenders. We recognize air pollution when we see it, but what about when it can’t be seen? It’s still a problem, and maybe even a bigger problem than smog. Since car pollution is one of the biggest sources of air pollution, everyone who owns and drives a car can contribute to the solution by driving less, driving more conservatively, and even considering alternative fuels for your car.

Car pollution has a huge impact upon the total air pollution around the world. Although we in the United States only account for about five percent of the total world population, our car pollution accounts for almost thirty percent of worldwide pollution. This is because we have so many automobiles in the United States that we drive every single day, and because many people in this country enjoy driving the gas guzzling SUVs. This car pollution that we take as normal is causing problems around the world.
Many people believe that car pollution has been decreasing in the last decade, but they will be surprised to find that it has increased somewhat. This is due to the number of cars that are being driven and the popularity of a certain category of automobile. Most people have a car. In fact, in most homes, there may be more than one car per person. This is due to the fact that they are so readily available to the citizens.
Another factor that has a huge impact on the amount of car pollution is the fact that SUVs have become so popular. These large vehicles release a great deal of carbon dioxide into the air, which is a huge part of car pollution. Smaller automobiles that get better gas mileage would be much easier on the environment and on your billfold. But a car’s size isn’t the only indicator of its ability to pollute; there are clean operating large cars, and major polluting small cars.
What can be done about car pollution? The most important thing would be for the carmakers to manufacture cars that are energy efficient and that run on alternative fuels. This could make a huge difference in the amount of pollution that is released into the air. There is some research being done, but since consumers are still buying the gasoline-powered cars, the carmakers are not putting a big priority on this.
Another thing that could be done is to drive cars less. This is difficult because we are used to driving everywhere, but it can be done. It would not only be better for the environment, but also it would be good for our bodies, which seem to be getting more and more obese every single year. In the United States, it is estimated that we drive about 11,000 miles each year, which is twenty-nine percent higher than the world average. This means that we are adding quite a bit of car pollution into the environment each and every day.
There is more to car pollution than carbon emissions, which in themselves are numerous. But what about the dust that is created from tires being worn down, and from cement and asphalt roads being worn out? Even the fumes from the gas tank when you fill your car contribute to car pollution.
The government could tighten regulations regarding pollution emissions to help control this car pollution, but the carmakers cite the fact that it would increase the price of cars and cause financial problems if this occurs. Many governments around the world are enacting regulations regarding how often you can drive your automobile, as well as when you can drive your automobile, but the United States government has not followed suit to protect the environment.
Car pollution is a problem that needs some considerable thought and action. By finding ways that you can help decrease the amount of car pollution that you release, you can help make an impact on the environment and pollution for years to come.

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