Asthma Home Air Purifiers

Do you have allergies or asthma? What are your worst offenders? Pollen? Dust mites? Dust? What kinds of particulates get your asthma going? There’s no need to suffer any longer. Home air purifiers can save the day for you by cleaning the air of the particulates that make you sick.

Air purifiers are big business and can mislead you with exaggerations and half-truths. That’s why it is of utmost important for you to do your homework. With a little research and knowledge, you are sure to find the exact air purifier that is right for your needs and your home. Where do you start your search?

Determining your needs is a good first step. If you have allergies that aggravate your asthma, a HEPA air purifier is probably the best choice for you because they can remove up to 99.97% of the contaminants from the air. But there are others that either alone or in concert with a HEPA filter can clean the air you breath, making your asthma less of a problem.
If you are allergic or sensitive to cigarette and other kinds of smoke, you want to find an air filter that will remove smoke from your air. Many times a carbon-activated filter is combined with other technologies to help create an air purifier that works on many different contaminants, including smoke, mold, pet dander, germs, etc.
You can also find air purifiers that do a great job of getting rid of mold spores in the air. This is great if mold worsens your asthma problems. An air purifier that uses UV technology is a great way to kill the mold spores, and add an electrostatic air purifier to collect the spores and your health should start improving. Select an air purifier that combines various technologies to give you the maximum protection from many different contaminants in your air.
With just a little planning and knowledge, you are sure to find an air purifier that meets your particular needs of getting rid of asthma-aggravating particulates.

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