Air Pollution Prevention

Air pollution prevention requires awareness and action. Being aware of what causes air pollution is an important step because sometimes little things we do cause big problems. Some of the big things we do, like driving cars and keeping manicured yards, are harder to change because they have become part of our lifestyle. Raised awareness helps you make better choices. Action reduces your contribution to air pollution.

The topic of air pollution prevention is one that you hear in many politicians’ speeches and activist rallies. It is a hot topic issue during elections that many people hear about, but just hearing about air pollution prevention is not what the environment needs. It needs people concerned about the impact that air pollution is having on the environment and the health of the people living with the air pollution. Air pollution prevention is a government issue in many ways, but it is more importantly a personal issue that each person on the earth should be concerned with.

Air pollution prevention is everyone’s responsibility. Although you may think that you don’t personally impact the environment, you most certainly do. There are so many different things that we use and do everyday that effects the environment. This includes our cars, building finishes we use, and even common household items that we use daily including aerosol hairspray. By gaining knowledge about what causes air pollution to occur, we can become a proponent of air pollution prevention rather than a cause of air pollution.
How can you learn more about air pollution prevention? There are many different ways that you can find out more about air pollution and ways to prevent it. The internet is a great resource for information about pollution around the world. You can find information on what causes air pollution, how to prevent it and where air pollution is most prevalent in the world. Books on air pollution that you find at the library or bookstore is another option, but make sure that they are books that are up-to-date because the information changes quickly. Knowledge and action are the keys to air pollution prevention and by learning more about how air pollution is created and how to prevent it, you can help to make a significant impact upon the environment.
Some of the ways that you can become a part of air pollution prevention is to drive your car less. People have become dependent upon their cars and they drive them even if they are just going down the street, which is not necessary. Driving a car that is electric powered or uses one of the alternative fuels is a way that you can be kinder to the environment as well. Using mass transit will also help improve air quality. Cars are a big source of air pollution, but another source of air pollution is the burning of fossil fuels in factories and in various manufacturing facilities.
Much has been done in the last twenty years to regulate the amount of pollution that is released by industries, generating stations, and factories, but there is still more that needs to be done. Although you may think that the air pollution from these sources stays in the cities where it occurs, it actually can affect the more rural area for many miles downwind from the source. It harms water sources, the air, and the plants and animals in the area. Supporting regulations on these factories and other industries that release pollution into the air is important to help keep our rural areas free from pollution.
Indoor air pollution is also a major issue. Although we may think that we are safe from pollution inside of our homes, we are really deluding ourselves. Some indoor air quality is worse than outdoors. Indoor air pollution has become a very significant problem as evidenced by the number of new cases of respiratory problems, like allergies and asthma.
Some of the common causes of indoor air pollution include paints and lacquers, cleaning supplies, aerosol sprays, pesticides, some furnishings, and some craft supplies, including permanent markers, glue, and other adhesives. This is due to the fumes that are given off with the use of some of these items and the fact that our homes are built so airtight these days. This airtightedness keeps the fumes inside the home, rather than allowing them to dissipate out of the home and out into the environment. This causes the pollutants to build up inside the homes, which then causes health problems.
You can be a tool to air pollution prevention. You only have to be willing to make changes, both small and large, in your life so that you can make a difference in the environment. Are you ready to be an important facet in air pollution prevention? Be part of the solution, not the problem.

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