Air Pollution Pictures

Maybe you live in a location where there is no air pollution, or it can’t be seen because of the landscape, but it’s a problem in most of the world. Looking at air pollution pictures will educate you about the extent of the problem, both in intensity and distribution. Humans seem to have to keep learning this lesson, the one that started with the Industrial Revolution. London is the poster child for how bad the air pollution got back then, LA was the poster child for air pollution in the 60’s, and both cities cleaned their air to preserve their population and way of life. But the problem is rampant again, but maybe not as obvious as before. Use pictures to help you understand the scope of the problem and to spur you to finding solutions.

Learning about air pollution cannot be complete without seeing some air pollution pictures. Air pollution pictures are a great resource to help you realize the impact that pollution is having on the world and the environment. By looking at pictures from space and from the earth, you will find that air pollution’s impact is far reaching and is harming much of the world.

Where can you find pictures of air pollution? The most prolific source of pictures and information about air pollution is the internet. You can find air pollution sources that center on specific areas of the United States and other countries around the world. Then you can find air pollution pictures that can show you what the area looked before pollution and after pollution. Using high-resolution imaging can help you see clearly the damage that pollution is causing to the environment around the world. In many cases, this difference is significant, which can show you how bad air pollution is across the world.
One of my favorite websites for air pollution pictures is the USDA Forest Service website at USDA Forest Service Air Quality Images. This website includes pictures from different monitoring stations across the United States and also includes the ozone and particulate levels at the different stations.
Another favorite website is on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center site. Read “New NASA/CSA Monitor Provides Global Air Pollution View from Space” and click on the links in the article to see how bad the problem is. This website shows the view from NASA’s Terra spacecraft and gives the levels of carbon monoxide on the earth. It’s interesting to see where the carbon monoxide levels are the highest. Many other websites offer air pollution pictures as well. You only have to search the internet to find more pictures than you can look at.
Air pollution pictures are a great tool to help show children what impact that air pollution is having on the world as well. Children learn better by looking at pictures and showing them what air pollution’s impacts are on their environment can be a great way to get them interested in air pollution solutions. By arming children with knowledge and helping to create a passion in them for air pollution solutions, we can help the world to be a better and healthier place.
Air pollution pictures are a great way for you to get more interested in finding solutions to air pollution problems. It is essential that everyone learn more about air pollution so that we can leave this world in a better condition than it is right now. Change is hard, but finding ways that you can make changes for the better of the environment is well worth the changes and sacrifices that you may have to make. By increasing your knowledge and the knowledge of the people around you, you will be on your way to finding air pollution solutions that you can live with.
If everyone would make a small change to help the environment, then a big impact can be made on the environment and air pollution. By finding small things that you can do to help the environment, like walking instead of driving every once in a while or changing to a more energy efficient car, you can help the environment. Then you can look at air pollution pictures without feeling guilt.
You can use air pollution pictures to help you gain an understanding and increase your passion for the environment. If more people would look at these pictures and think about what their actions are costing the environment — and themselves — then they may find that they care more about what they do.

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