Air Pollution Information

The internet is your best source for the latest in air pollution information. We have provided three suggestions for where you can conduct some solid research, but there are lots more. We’ll keep providing great sites as we are satisfied with their quality. Whether your research is on improving air quality, air pollution monitoring, or air pollution (indoors or out), follow scientific and government links to get the best information available. There are private citizens who do their best to provide solid information too, just make sure they aren’t giving you sales hype that will mislead your search.

There is lots of air pollution information available for you in many different forms. Trying to assimilate all of this knowledge is sometimes difficult and overwhelming. Knowing where to start on your hunt for air pollution information can make all the difference in understanding the information and using it to make a positive impact upon air quality in your part of the world. What are some good sources of air pollution information that you can trust?

  • EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is a great website that offers you information on air pollution across the U.S. Covered topics include basic air pollution information, indoor air pollution and air pollution monitoring. You can find almost any information you could possibly need on their website. Their information is well-balanced and easy to read and understand, too.
  • American Lung Association
    This is another great website for you to find air pollution information as it pertains to your health and lungs. At, you can find information sources about indoor air quality, outdoor air quality, the Clean Air Initiative, and much, much more. The website is easy to navigate and the articles and information is easy to understand and digest. You’ll enjoy using this website for one of your informational sources about air pollution.
  • Air Now, focusing on “quality of air means quality of life”, is a wonderful resource for information dealing with air pollution monitoring. They have wonderful, maps that are updated hourly with particulate and ozone level information. They also offer you many different resources that are related to pollution warnings and ways to help decrease the pollution levels.

These three websites are the most balanced websites that I have personally found, but there are other air pollution information sources that you can use as well. This resources include books you can purchase at your local bookstore or check-out at the library, as well as a plethora of other websites. It is important that you find websites that contain up-to-date information, however, because the information changes quickly, making books out of date before they even come off the press. That makes the internet such a great resource for this subject. If you want the newest information available, you’ll want to turn to a website that you can trust.
To understand and assimilate the air pollution information easier, you may want to consider learning about one topic at a time. For example, if you are interested in outdoor air pollution, then concentrate on a particular part of the country, such as where you live or where you want to travel. Then you can move on to a different area. If indoor air pollution is your interest, then concentrate on that particular topic until you have a good understanding of it.
Use the air pollution information that you find to help make an impact upon the air quality in your area and in your home or office. You can use the information to make changes in your life and make your local air quality, both inside and out, better and healthier for you and your family.

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