Air Pollution in Mexico

Air pollution in Mexico is a huge problem. Cleaning the air in Mexico is a challenge because of the resistance to change by the citizens, finances, and a late start in the process. Health problems aggravate financial problems, which hinder fixing the health problems. It’s a vicious cycle. Steps are being taken to improve Mexico’s air pollution problems, but more needs to be done.

Most people think of Mexico as a beautiful country filled with natural wonders and cultural splendors, but it has another side that is not widely talked about. The other side of Mexico is of great environmental problems. Air pollution in Mexico is a problem that they have ignored for many years and they are just now starting to address this problem to their environment. This inattention to air pollution concerns have caused some degrading of the environment.

Mexican authorities did not begin to address their air pollution until the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. This was due to some environmental impact issues that were being seen, including respiratory problems. Mexico City has the distinction of having the worst air pollution problem in the world and much of this can be attributed to the fact that they began working on their air pollution problem much later than many other countries. Another reason is because of the geographic location of the city. It is located in the crater of an extinct volcano bordered on three sides by mountains. This situation helps hold the pollution in the city, rather than allowing it to dissipate. However, the problem is not solely concentrated in this city. Air pollution is also a big problem in Guadalajara, Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, and other cities along the border between the United States and Mexico.
What are the authorities doing for air pollution in Mexico? They have begun many different initiatives to help decrease the air pollution in Mexico. There are educating the public about what they can do to help decrease the air pollution, including using different fuel, driving less, and installing catalytic converters to their cars. Education about environmental issues is very important due to the number of people that live in this city. Mexico City is the home of approximately 21 million people and teaching these people about what they can do to prevent air pollution can make a big impact upon the environment of Mexico City and their entire country. Guadalajara and the border towns of Ciudad Juarez and Tijuana are being polluted by automobiles and by industries that are in the areas.
Air pollution in Mexico causes not only health and environmental problems, but the pollution also has financial ramifications. Doctor’s visits, medications, and hospital stays cost the people of Mexico money as well as the government. These expenditures can cause the people to not get medical care as frequently as they need it. This allows their condition to get too advanced for medicine to help. Many people have died due to their environment and respiratory conditions. If the person who died was the head of the house or the person who the family relied on for income, the family is in a worse situation than they were before. And even if people aren’t dying, they are sick and less productive, again hurting the family and its finances.
Cars and factories are the major causes of air pollution in Mexico. In fact, Guadalajara has the highest ratio of people to cars in their country. There is one car for every four people in this city. There are many things that people can do to help decrease the air pollution. The problem is that it entails change by the Mexican citizens and many of them feel that this will set them back. This is the hardest part and it is why education is so important. Setting guidelines for the people is also very important and that is why the government has enacted a regulation that, depending upon your license plate, you cannot drive your car one day per week. This helps to decrease the air pollution and is tightly regulated with high fines and police enforcement. Progress is being made, but it will be slow regaining clean air.
Cleaning up the air pollution in Mexico will be slow because it’s a poor country, but technology is advancing fast enough that they have lots of options to help. And learning more about how to decrease air pollution will help Mexico citizens accept the need to change so they can have clean air. Clean air will improve all facets of their life, including their health, finances, and environment.

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