Air Pollution in Los Angeles

Air pollution in Los Angeles is less today than it was in the ’60s, when it developed its reputation for being a badly polluted city, but it’s not as good as residents and tourists alike would enjoy. Air quality has improved because of strong measures to control vehicular pollution and the importing of electricity (putting the polluting electric plants in other areas of the west). Clean air makes for a better quality of life. Fresh air is something we all deserve.

One city in the United States that has a reputation for high levels of air pollution is Los Angeles. Air pollution in Los Angeles is a significant problem, but it is a problem that can be traced back to the geography of the land, as well as the pollutants that are released into the air. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about the geography of the land, but there is much we can do to help decrease the amount of pollution that is released into the air. This is where the attention needs to be to help decrease the air pollution in Los Angeles. What are some of the pollutants that need to be focused upon?

Transcontinental pollution is one large contributor to the air pollution in Los Angeles. These clouds of pollution travel across the ocean from China and settle over Los Angeles before moving on across the country. Research that was completed in 2007 estimates that almost one-third of the pollution that is found in the air of Los Angeles can be directly attributed to China. What can be done about that? Other than help educate the Chinese government and people, not much can be done by us. But that is why it is essential that we do everything possible to help decrease our own air pollution, so that we can keep our country as healthy as possible.

Cars and other transportation are a big contributor to air pollution in Los Angeles. One study estimates that the time you spend in your car is where you are exposed to 33-45 percent of the pollution over the period of one day. This pollution includes fumes from diesel engines and ultrafine particles that can cause severe health concerns. The most common contributor of pollution on the road is diesel trucks.

Power plants are another contributor to the Los Angeles air pollution. Finding cleaner ways to make electricity is a priority in Los Angeles and in other cities around the world. By making cleaner electric production, we can help decrease the release of pollutants, which could make a significant difference in the pollution levels.

The bowl-shaped area that is Los Angeles makes it very difficult for the pollutants to get out of the city, which is one reason this city is at the top of the most-polluted list. Finding ways to decrease the amount of pollutants that are released is a necessity to help fight against the geography of the city. Although the levels have decreased, it has still not been enough to cause a significant change in the environment. By continuing to work toward decreasing air pollution, the levels will continue to decrease and cause more impact. That is the goal.

Air pollution in Los Angeles may always be a problem, but by doing what we can to decrease our effect, we can help to make a difference. If each person does their part by driving less, not using products that release chemicals into the air, conserving their energy consumption, and generally living a greener life, we can help to make the air safer for ourselves and for future generations.

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