Air Cleaner Filters

These days we are subjected to many harmful pollutants in the air we breathe. Not only are there naturally occurring pollutants like pollen and plant spores to worry about, man-made pollutants like cigarette smoke and chemicals are also a concern. These are present not only in the air of dense cities, but in almost every home due to the use of chemical cleaning agents and paints.

More and more people are turning to the use of air cleaner filters to ensure that the air that their families are breathing is as clean and safe as possible. The average human being breathes in about eleven thousand liters of air each day and it is an extremely important, yet much neglected side of health care.
There are many different brands and types of air filters available, from filters for air conditioners and furnaces to the hospital grade HEPA air cleaner filter. Air cleaner filters come in different grades. Basic filters will filter the larger particles and pollutants. HEPA air cleaner filters can filter up to 99.97% of pollutants from the air, as well as bacteria and viruses – which is why they are used in hospitals.
Air cleaner filters are attached to many air conditioning units to extract out larger particles from the air. However, people who are allergic to many of the pollutants in the air may benefit from having a high grade air purifier at home. Air purifiers can be purchased to effectively cover one room or a whole house depending on the capacity of the system chosen. All air filters will require installation of air cleaner replacement filters, as the quality of filtration will deteriorate if a filter is left to get clogged or as it ages. The good news is that most filtration systems come with a built-in reminder as to when filters need replacing, or product retailers sometimes provide courtesy reminders to their clients.
The use of air cleaner filters in homes is rapidly becoming a necessity as the pollutants, and corresponding illnesses are on the rise. They can not only provide your family with a pollutant free environment, but improve their health dramatically in doing so.

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