Air and Water Pollution Article

Two basic elements of life are clean air and water. But pollution is endangering the basic elements, making air and water pollution two worldwide problems that endanger people’s lives. There are things we can do to improve our air quality so we can breathe better and improve our water quality so we can drink clean water, but it will take a change not only in our personal behavior but also in industry’s attitude about the environment.

Air and water pollution is a huge problem around the world. The interlinking between these two is astonishing, as each has an effect upon the other and their combined effect upon the world and the environment is astounding. Pollution is defined as the release of any harmful contaminants into the air, water and ground. These contaminants can have harmful effects upon everything that you can imagine and many of the effects are just now being realized and seen in the world.

Air and water pollution are considered environmental pollution. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that two million people a year are killed prematurely by air pollution. The number of people who are killed by water pollution is even higher due to some countries not having adequate clean water supplies. This figure could be as much as five million people each year, mostly infants, who are killed by diseases caused by water pollution. These two figures just floor me, because this means that there could be as many as seven million people a year that are prematurely killed due to air and water pollution.
Many different health problems are directly related to air and water pollution. Some of the more common health problems that can be attributed to air and water pollution include some types of cancer, lupus, immune diseases, asthma, other respiratory conditions, and increases in allergies, among many other health problems. Air and water pollution could be a huge contributor to the large number of infants and children that are struck by allergies and asthma each year. It’s so important to increase our effort in decreasing air and water pollution so your families, and people around the world, can be healthier and so that our environment can continue to flourish.
The good news is that there are many organizations that see the huge impact that air and water pollution has upon the environment and the health of the citizens of the world. The bad news is that much still needs to be done, by us, the people that are living in the world to help make the world a safe place to live for future generations. This includes finding alternative fuels for automobiles and other forms of transportation and realizing that everything that we do has an effect upon the environment. This takes some effort from the people, but if everyone does their part, then air and water pollution levels can decrease to help keep the world safe for our children and grandchildren.
Gaining knowledge is important for everyone. By learning more about air and water pollution, we are better able to determine how to do our part in decreasing the pollution. That should be our goal. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to totally annihilate pollution in our world, but it is possible to keep it to a minimum so that all of us and the environment can learn to live as symbiotically as possible.

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